Old Plaster

More of the same job at Liberty Building.  We stripped all the existing wallcovering in all the corridors.  Approx.. 1400 yards.  The walls weren’t prepared properly previously and the removal did a lot of damage.  Most of the walls were drywall, but we did run into some old plaster walls also.  The ones pictured here seemed fine when we stripped and when we installed in late July.  Everything looked great.   However, once the heat came on in October and things really started to dry and shrink in, the customer pointed out a couple softball size humps in the wall.  The existing top coat of plaster had popped.  We stripped wallcovering and started scraping.  When we were done scraping we had a mess. First pic. It was down to base coat in a few areas. Second pic.  We installed base coat Third pic.  Intermediate coat and finally top coat. Fourth pic.  Then primed and installed new.


We started a large job prior to covid outbreak and are just finishing.  Attorney office at covering most of 2 floors at the  Liberty Building.  One of the last parts of the job was the Reception area.  Don’t have before pics but the finished product is pretty nice.  We removed existing wallcovering and repaired walls (lots of damage).  Stained and finished new doors and painted existing elevator doors.  We installed Grasscloth, which some people don’t like, because you can see every sheet.  But the customer likes it and I think everything looks great.


We started this large exterior kind of late in the season.  We Worked with Brena from Nordic Bison Interior designs.  She picked the colors and specified the lime wash on the brick.  We had never done limewash before.

We removed all shutters, storms and brought to our shop for prep and paint and some repairs.  They are the original shutters and they are close to 100 years old.  The first 3 photos are “before” pics.

We powerwashed siding and brick.  Prepped all window sash (prime, glaze, caulk).  Replaced some of the fascia where gutters attach as much of them were rotted.  One problem with working on an old house is all the wood pieces are “true.” A 1”x6” is actually 1”x6”.  Today they are 1’x5 1/2” so we had to buy 1”x8” and rip down to 1”x6”.  A few pieces of cedar siding needed to be replaced and some resecured.  We primed all new wood and applied 2 coats 100% acrylic paint.

The Lime wash the interesting part.  We spray applied and backbrushed.  We watched a few Youtube videos to get some ideas.  Some people apply the Limewash and then gently “hose off” some of it.  Brena decided that we would let it weather naturally.  I think it came out pretty well.  All that was left after that was install shutters and storms and some touch ups.

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