Boys and Girls club of Elma Marilla Wales

The Gym sustained quite a bit of water damage in a wind/rain storm over the summer.  They’ve been waiting to do the repairs and the Coronavirus provided a long closure of the club.  Perfect for what we needed to do.

Bob Mossman and I practiced a little social distancing in the gym a couple weeks back.

We started by removing the blue advertising banners. 1st pic

We removed the square sound deadening panels on the walls. 880 of them. 2nd pic We also removed the brackets that the panels hung on.  They were riveted into the block walls.  Small sledge hammers and prybars were needed.

We then had to scrape off the glue that was also used to hold the panels in place. 3rd pic

The south and west walls were peeling badly and needed to be scraped. 4th and 5th pic

We then had to go back and fill the holes from the brackets 1760 of those.

Then we sanded and scraped some more.

Brad and Erik (from the club) removed the pads from the lower 6’ of the gym and helped take all the panels, etc. to a dumpster.

Walls were finally ready for primer and paint. Chris and Don applied  Oil base primer on south and west walls and water base primer to the north and east.

All wall were double coated with Semi gloss paint.

Next we had to install 1”x3” so that the banners can be reinstalled. 6th and 7th pic

we will go thru and paint the north and east walls along with all the 1”x3”.  Then reinstall the advertising banners.

Then we will install the new 6’ pads.  Maybe a new color?

And finally install new base and clean the floor.

We Helped Save the Deal!

Got a call from a realtor last week.  Needed some repair work done on basement walls.  Home inspector wanted walls scraped (using Lead Safe practices) and repainted prior to the sale.

We got over there quickly, prepped, scraped, cleaned up and applied 2 coats of Watertite basement wall paint.

New Mighty Taco – Sheridan Drive

Opening January 13th, we’ve been working on this one on and off for a little while. We painted the exterior on a Saturday and Sunday back in October and went back to paint the dumpster enclosure mid November.

Painted a bunch of the trim and stained doors at our shop in mid December. We started interior painting Christmas Eve and painted ceilings and primed walls for wallpaper. After Christmas, we came back and finished trim painting. We hung wallpaper on New years eve and January 2nd.  We stained the ends of benches and touched up this week.

Buckle – Walden Galleria

Worked overnight here to repair water damaged ceiling and repaint entire ceiling.

Lots of prep time moving and covering merchandise and floor. We repaired water damaged areas of ceiling using Durabond EZ Sand 20 & 5 along with fans and a heat gun to get patch to dry.  Some areas needed 3 coats of mud.

Foyer/Great room – Amherst, NY

Worked with Decorator Nancy Gaglione. Repaired damaged area of walls and ceiling in great room. Painted walls, ceiling and trim in Great Room. Repaired some water damaged areas in kitchen. Painted walls, ceilings and trim.

Scuff sanded and painted stringer, risers, treads, rails and spindles in foyer. Installed 10” striping using same color with different sheen.

Mighty Taco – Niagara Falls Blvd.

Well, now that the NFL playoffs are over, what do you do on a Sunday?

We worked overnight at Mighty Taco on Niagara Falls Blvd. and stained and finished some trim for a customer who was in a bit of a hurry.

Pics 1 & 2 show Chris, Joe, Cliff and Chris getting the Mighty Taco prepped on Sunday night into Monday morning.  The old wallcovering has been removed and they are in the process of covering lights, booths, floors, etc. so we can spray the ceiling. Once the ceiling is sprayed, we spray the hanging lights.  Then plastic is removed, walls are prepped for wallpaper and door frames painted.  Then Tom and Bob go in Monday night into Tuesday and hang the wallcovering.

Prior to starting this job on Sunday, Joe, Don and Tom were in the shop Saturday staining and spraying a coat of sanding sealer on 1200 feet of trim.  While the other guys were at mighty taco, Tom went back to the shop and sanded all the trim.  Joe and Tom sprayed the trim Monday morning.  This was our first time using Tom Dobinski’s rack system.  It worked great.  Saves a lot of space.


Great Customer!  We painted and installed wallcovering in December for this customer in Spaulding Lake.

They hate the wallcovering.  Cant live with it!  First pic.

We went in and stripped it so the homeowner has a blank wall to hang wallpaper samples. Second pic

We will install the new paper once a selection is made.

MVP Repairs!

The first picture is the result of a parent disagreeing with selection of team mvp at a banquet held Saturday night.

The story goes that the parent thought that his kid should have won the MVP award.  He approached the coach after the banquet.  Ended up punching the coach and all hell broke loose resulting in the wall being damaged.  Some great parenting/coaching going on there!!!

We needed to get the hole repaired quickly as the facility had another event Tuesday evening.

We got there Monday morning.  The damaged area was approx.. 1’ wide by 3’ long.  We did the repairs Monday using EZ sand 5 (3 coats) and a top coat of bucket mud. 2nd pic.

We went back Tuesday morning to sand, prime and paint w dry time decreased with the help of a fan. Pic 3.

Event Center

Two summers ago we removed and installed wallcovering at an Event Center. The walls were not prepared properly before we got there. There was a lots of damage. See picture 1. We repaired and prepped the walls properly prior to our install.

They called us back recently as they had some area in the corridor where wallcovering was scuffed badly and wanted us to remove and repair. It came right off. No damage. We were able to quickly remove and install new paper. (less than one day). See picture 2 and 3. The white areas are our repairs from 2 summers ago.

Quite often customers will ask if we really need to prep walls prior to wallcovering. This is the reason why.

Residence – Orchard Park, NY

Phase 2 of ceiling texture removal in this 3 bedroom home in Orchard Park. We used a lot of plastics to protect their home; Floor was covered with thick plastic, walls were covered with thin plastic. Normally, we paint the walls after ceiling texture removal but the customer had painted the walls last year. The texture came off pretty well. Only minor repairs were needed after power vacuum sand and primer. Made the repairs and painted 2 coats on the ceiling. We tried to protect the walls, but the water used to soak the ceilings also soaked the tape and the plastic fell off. We ended up washing the walls down after completion and also had to “cut in” the wall/ceiling line.

Phase 3 will be the master bedroom and closet. 16’ ceiling height, but we will be painting the walls during this part.

Sky Zone – Buffalo, NY

Mural hung at Skyzone on Friday with Bob Mossman from Buffalo Wallpaper.

Local Manufacturing Plant – Cafeteria

We spent last weekend (Friday night and Saturday) at a local manufacturing plant cafeteria. We had to remove existing wallcovering, prep walls, and install new. The owner’s rep mentioned that they had difficulty removing wallcovering in the past and he wasn’t kidding! Wow. The face of the drywall came off in many areas; one wall, it came off entirely. We cut back loose areas and applied a coat of Gardz wall repair primer. Some of the areas bubbled, so we cut out those areas and applied more Gardz. We skim coated all areas with EZ sand Durabond (some areas twice). We came in early Saturday to sand and apply a coat of oil base primer. Some areas bubbled again, so we had to cut those areas out, apply more primer, skim, and re-prime. We hung the wallcovering and still noticed a couple bubbled areas. To completely remove them we injected adhesive with a syringe to get those bubbles down. The job turned out really nice and the customer is happy.

Residence – Hamburg, NY

We just finished this textured ceiling removal job in a home located in Hamburg, NY. We received a call from a homeowner who had tried to do it themselves (1st picture), but due to the large surface area, ended up creating damage to the ceiling in the process. Overall, this was a pretty large job; the main area was over 40’ long (living room, kitchen, dining room.) and we also removed texture from 5 other rooms.

Day 1 – We removed and covered all furniture, cabinetry, etc. As well as added heavy plastic to protect the floors. We soaked ceilings with a sprayer and scraped the remaining texture. Cleaned up and removed covers.

Day 2 – Covered all furniture again and began sanding remaining “popcorn residue” with a power vacuum sander. We then primed the ceilings and made necessary repairs to all the damaged areas. Cleaned up and removed covers.

Day 3 – Covered everything again and sanded the remaining portion of the ceilings. We then primed and painted and cleaned up once again and removed all covers.

Day 4 (final day) – We painted the walls and thoroughly cleaned the entire work area.

After 4 days, we completed our task and received nothing but praise and thanks from the homeowner – “Your team did a great job and left the place spotless.”

Office of Dr. Kenneth Gayles MD – Buffalo, NY

We recently did some work with, Liz Cichon from Prentice Office Environments at Dr. Ken Gayles’ office. We removed window treatments the half wall, and old pay phone. Did some drywall repairs., primed and painted paneling, doors frames and trim pieces. Then sprayed a clear coat on the waterfall. We painted other walls and hung wallpaper to create an accent on one. When we were finished, Dr. Gayles and Liz thought one more wall needed wallpaper, so we went back this Saturday and hung it. We had a little extra, so we hung the remainder on a wall in the entry.

Buffalo Cigar Bar- Transit Road

We are almost done at the Buffalo Cigar Bar on Transit Road. We have sprayed the bar area with 4 coats moisture resistant lacquer.
All that is left for us is the finish coat on the walls. Finished product pictures coming soon. The bar should be open soon as well.

Residence – Lockport, NY

Beginning work for a beautiful home in Lockport, NY. The room is approx.. 38’ long x 20’wide, with Ceiling topping out at 20’. Trim will be painted and doors and stair material stained.

Canisius High School Center for Fine Arts. – Buffalo, NY

For this project in the 3rd floor music room (first picture) we applied intumescent coating to the steel (black) beams. Painted walls, ceilings and trim and then came back at the end to paint the acoustical panels. For the 2nd floor classrooms (second and third pictures) we painted the walls, ceilings and trim.

The last two photos are of the basement music room. For these ones we started by putting some color on the wall, painted the ceiling and trim and then came back to paint the acoustical panels. We are excited for the kids to start using the room when they get back from break.

Mighty Taco – West Seneca, NY

For this project we worked last Sunday and Monday, overnight. We removed old wall coverings, prepped walls for new, and repaired the drywall on the ceilings. Once that was completed, we painted the drywall and acoustical ceilings and completed the job by installing new wallpaper as an accent.

D-Tour Martini Bar – Buffalo, NY