Are you sick and tired of your outdated textured or popcorn ceilings? You might be ready for a change, but before you attack your ceilings with a drywall scraper, use caution. This is a job that’s best left to the professionals.

Why? Textured ceiling removal is messy and difficult. Doing it wrong could damage your ceiling, which means more work, time, and money to fix it.

There’s another danger to keep in mind: if your home was built before 1980, your ceiling might contain asbestos. Your ceiling is safe enough if left alone, but the minute it gets disturbed, the asbestos fibers enter the air and could end up lodged in someone’s lungs. Don’t expose your family to this danger! Stay safe by having a professional handle the job.

The good news is, Salerno Paint & Paper is here to safely take care of all of your textured/popcorn ceiling removal needs!


Whether your ceilings contain asbestos or not, we always work to contain the mess of textured ceiling removal and protect your furnishings and floors. Here is our step-by-step process to ensure a stress-free removal:

1.) We remove all furniture from the room.
2.) We cover the floor with heavy plastic to protect it.
3.) We spray a special solution over the textured parts of the ceiling. Once it sets in, we use a scraper to get all the texture off.
4.) We repair the drywall as necessary, then prime and paint the ceiling in your desired color.
5.) We paint the walls and thoroughly clean the entire work area.

That’s it! Once we’re done, you’ll have a clean, modern look to your ceiling and a perfectly clean home. Call today!